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Since we are a wholesaler for customers in the hotel, restaurants and catering (HoReCa) industry as well as independent merchants (Traders). Our more than 2000 employees in over 100 stores are united by one thing above all: their passion for serving our  million customers. We offer these customers a portfolio of products and solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

About us

What can we do for you?

Running your own business requires a lot - passion and commitment being just a part of it. But for more than 50 years we understand professional needs and support you with innovative solutions, tailormade services and a wide range of products – beyond selling goods.


Our Ambition

We consider ourselves to be the strong partner of choice for professional customers. As a multichannel supplier, we combine a wide network of modern wholesale stores with an extensive delivery service (Food Service Distribution/FSD) and an online marketplace, all supported digitally. We help each of our customers find the way that works best for them.
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Financial Services

METRO’s Financial Services facilitate your business with independent financial guidance. Therefore, METRO provides resources and expert knowledge for all kinds of hospitality entrepreneurs.
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Business Consulting

The further expansion of a business can be a huge challenge. METRO offers, within its Business Advisory and Consulting services, a reliable partner to bring your business to the next level.

METRO facts

#1 wholesaler of fish and sea food for independent restaurateurs




Wholesale stores  


first store opened 


high-quality products 


motivated employees


selected suppliers 


Our Guiding Principles

The following five guidelines define our actions and
are the behavioral maxims of every #METROhero

Power of Relationships

We listen carefully and act compliantly with respect and empathy to use the full power of collaboration.

We reach out to our peers to connect and build strong, trustful, and long-term relationships.

We foster engagement and well-being of employees as this leads to strength and success of a diverse community.

Customer Success

We are passionate about and fight for our customers’ success. Therefore, we have proximity and want to understand the business of our customers to deliver best solutions.

We are devoted to our customers and serve them with a concierge spirit.

We build long term relationships to provide best in class services for their business - quality and timely delivery is of essence.

Sustainable Business

We believe that only a sustainable company that continuously preserves resources can be successful in the long term.

We therefore act responsibly and with full transparency in economic and environmental settings, striving for high standards and a positive impact on society - today and in the future.

We are balancing short- and long-term goals consciously.


We are entrepreneurs who strive for impact to improve customer value and take full accountability for our actions.

We analyse the drivers of our business, challenging the status quo, continuously improving and innovating.

If we face challenges, we do not shy away but take action to eliminate obstacles and find solutions. We take calculated risks and learn from our mistakes to constantly raise the bar.

Leadership by Example

We are authentic role models who trust each other and seek diverse perspectives via continuous feedback.

We inspire all of us to be our best self – the best partner in our community.

We create a respectful environment where everyone can voice their own convictions as well as mistakes and foster development within our team and beyond.