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How to become a Sustainable Restaurant

It is our goal to help our professional clients run their businesses in a way that is profitable while having a positive impact on the community and the environment.

Tips & Tricks

Do well by doing good

That’s what Benjamin Franklin once said – and what inspires us to provide you with ideas on how to transform your business.

The Menu Card

With conscious choices you will win customers and employees over. By carefully picking the products you use, you can create a positive impact on the environment as well as the health of your customers. Just think about more regional, more organic, less sugar, less salt.

Why it is important to offer a sustainable menu?

  • Your customers care: in addition to a growing number of established consumers, the younger generation cares about the environment and how people are treated, contributing to strong trends in eco-friendly products and services. By being more sustainable, you will build a positive image with your customers and create opportunities to win new ones.
  • You will differentiate yourself from your competitors with added value.
  • You will create a positive impact for your existing and potential employees.
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Responsible Sourcing

Your business is food and food is our business.

The security of our food is increasingly threatened by climate change and our experiences of the COVID_19 lockdown have highlighted the vulnerability of some supply chains.

You can build your resilience and that of the food system around you by sourcing products that are produced sustainably.

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Reduce Plastic Waste

Plastic product and plastic packaging play an important role in maintaining hygiene in gastronomy, as they protect food, ensure food safety and improve shelf life.

Single-use items have up until now been almost indispensable for you as a business in the gastronomy sector, and these are mostly made out of plastic. However, both the production and disposal of plastic and single-use plastic product requires resources and has a negative impact on the environment. That is why forgoing the unnecessary plastic also has many advantages for your gastronomy business.

In addition to the savings from waste collection fines and other costs, sustainable action also works positively for your image, which in turn brings you new customers and boosts your economic success!

Plastic & Packaging

Safe Food

People every day still get sick from food. The World Health Organization estimates that almost one in 10 people is sickened by eating food processed or prepared by others. This sickness is called foodborne disease and is caused by dangerous microorganisms and/or toxic chemicals. Most foodborne disease is preventable with proper food handling. We encourage to use sustainable cleaning products which protect your guests and the environment.

Contaminated food is wasted food. A foundation of running a sustainable business is about being efficient with resources, minimising waste and engaging people to work productively. When a good system is in place to manage the preparation of safe food, the related processes become more efficient, and your restaurant will manage its resources and waste better. This can have a knock on effect on the overall efficiency of your restaurant.

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