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Sustainable Assortment

Restaurateurs want to offer their customers unique culinaric experiences linked amongst others to certain regional or cultural aspects. For them organic and responsible products are among the key ingredients to differentiate from others.

Public Value

How do we contribute to the common good?

Find out how we pay into the social development goals focusing on these
four pillars.

Organic and responsible products

METRO expands its assortment continuously, helping you to stay unique and fulfil the needs of todays and future generations and stands strong for sustainable use of resources.

Human Rights

METRO’s business is a people’s business, and we value each and every person working with and for us as our most precious resource. Therefore, METRO stands strong for ensuring Human Rights within its own operations and its value chain, empowered through trustful partnerships with relevant stakeholders. That is to ensure our customers know that we care about people as much as they do.

Raw Material Sourcing

METRO incorporates tradition and modernity, expertise and ideas into innovations and alliances for sustainable food production. It is only through the interaction and collaboration of producers, suppliers, retailers and customers that we can find answers to today’s and tomorrow's questions and challenges. As champion for independent business we want to share this knowledge because the success of our customers is our business.

Conscious Proteins

To enable you to differentiate yourself and help fulfil the protein needs of future generations, METRO will contribute to the innovation and transformation of the use of conscious proteins. For METRO, conscious protein means a diverse source of protein i.e., conventional proteins obtained from animals raised to e.g., high welfare standards or with reduced environmental impact as well as alternative proteins including insects, plant-based and cell grown.
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