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Food Waste

We want food to be enjoyed till the last bite. So, we join forces along the supply chain against wasting food.

Our contribution to public value

Wasting food is a problem – on many levels

We are aware that one third of the world’s food is either wasted or lost - an amount that would be enough to meet global food needs and is additionally causing enormous amounts of CO2 emissions. Together with our partners along the value chain from industry, politics, civil society, and our customers we aim to drive innovations, promote dialogue, and kick off debates to generate solutions.

Our Approach 

Our strategy to prevent or reduce food waste isdeployed across five pillars.

Supply Chain

We tackle the challenge from farm to fork and look at the complete process.

Food Waste Reporting

We set ambitious targets and objectives publicly. We monitor, manage and report on targets.

Food Waste Solutions

We explore and utilize the latest technology solutions to help us achieve our food waste targets.

Customer & Partners

We support and encourage our customers and partners to use solutions that save resources and costs.

Stakeholder Engagement

We actively seek, foster, and promote dialogue & partnerships across the entire wholesale value chain.

METRO Sustainable To-go packaging 
metro & Too Good to go
Have you heard of our partner Too Good To Go (TGTG)? The company provides a platformto sell surplus food that otherwise goes to waste in a specially branded bag(the Magic Bag) at reduced prices. It operates an app that allows food wastefighting. 
Discover the TGTG app
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