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Sustainability Overview

At METRO we believe that “Your success is our business” – and we strive to do so in a responsible way with our sustainability approach METRO SUSTAINABLE. In this sense, sustainability is more than social and ecological responsibility in an economically sensible manner: it is also a question of attitude and way of working. We want to drive change toward responsible and sustainable business practices - especially in cooperation with you - our customers!

Why is sustainability very important for gastronomers?

The benefits of being sustainable in gastronomy

  1. Saving money by reducing costs of e.g. food and general waste, energy, water management.
  2. Winning over customers who are conscious of their health, the planet and the strength of community.
  3. Increasing the ability to comply with new laws and regulations.
  4. Increasing efficiency and productivity by improving food service practices.
  5. Securing the business’ future by adapting to trends & market changes.
  6. Attracting employees and investors.
  7. Increasing employee retention with a positive impact on their morale and productivity.
  8. Making a positive impact on the environment and supporting local communities.
Think global, act local

METRO’s global commitment

All our efforts shall pay into the global development goals. That’s how we want to contribute to a sustainable future on our beautiful planet.
Become sustainable
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It is quite easy to dothe first steps towards a sustainable restaurant.
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