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METRO Quality – on all levels

We live quality: highest standards, from the producer to the customer, that’s what we are striving for. Our quality promise goes beyond compliance with current regulations. That's why we test many of our products in a large test kitchen under the eyes of professional chefs.

Why you can trust METRO’s quality promise

Everyone who deals with food bears responsibility for the quality of products, processes, and services. Your local METRO Wholesale Store lives and breathes quality. We pay special attention to the needs and requirements of our customers. As a company of an international trading group, we have our own quality assurance system.

Expert Approvers

Their task is to inspect products from the ultra-fresh departments (fish, meat, fruit and vegetables). For each package, they check regulatory standards (mandatory information, variety, size, etc.). Then they ensure the hygienic quality of the product, its freshness, its color... Only after this validation, the products are put on sale. If there is a problem, they are simply rejected.

Quality & Security

Our food experts are specially trained. They ensure the effectiveness of the quality system and its continuous improvement. They are well accustomed to best practices and ensure the conformity of products from labeling to placement on the shelves. Monitoring of storage temperatures, environmental hygiene, and product traceability: everything under control.

Test Kitchen 

In addition to the chemical, physical and bacteriological analyses carried out by the quality department, METRO has decided to go even further in monitoring the quality and taste of its products. In the METRO Test Kitchen, our experts can test products by working with them under real conditions: storing, unpacking, or moving them. The products are regularly checked and put to the test.
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Top Standards

The common goal of manufacturers and retailers is safe food and products whose origin can be fully traced. METRO offers customers more products with certifications and test seals than any other retail company.


One of the basic points to ensure food safety and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) of any hospitality business is hygiene. For this reason, at Metro we have complete cleaning programs specifically for hospitality establishments.

ISO 9001 standard

The goal is to implement a quality management system to constantly improve customer satisfaction by providing products and services of high quality.

ISO 22000 standard

Specifically intended to ensure food safety, it details all the requirements imposed on all companies that are part of the food production chains. From the producers down to the shelf.

ISO 26000 standard

METRO is ISO 26000 certified. We are committed to 4 areas: customer and employee commitment, social responsibility and local development.

ISO 50001 standard

The ISO 50001 certification aims at the continuous improvement of energy performance. It sets out the requirements of the energy management system (EMS).
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We offer a special HACCP product range, from spray disinfection to disposable towels for everydayuse.
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