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who can shop at metro

Who can become a METRO customer? Can private individuals also shop at METRO? On this page you can find out who can become a METRO customer and what opportunities we offer for you as a METRO customer!


How to shop at METRO

Examples: Who can shop where?

We will explain who can become a METRO
customer and where you are entitled to buy from METRO using the following four examples.

Buy as a private person in the METRO online shop

Private individuals can browse and shop directly in the METRO online shop. It does not matter if you are already a METRO customer. The online store is open to everyone!

Shop as a business owner in the METRO online shop

In addition to private individuals, business owners, self-employed persons and customers can also become customers and shop in the METRO online shop. For you as a business owner or self-employed person to take advantage of benefits such as volume discounts, no written proof is required.

Your invoices will be made out to your company, so that any VAT paid on commercially used products can be reclaimed. You can display the business customer prices (net prices) in the METRO online shop.

If you have already created a customer account as a private person and run a business, you can subsequently add your business. You will not receive a customer card for the wholesale store, and you can only shop in the online store.

Become a METRO customer online to shop at the wholesale store

In this example, you become a customer online. This works like a typical registration on the Internet, where you create an online customer account. This option is open to all business owners, self-employed persons or associations. In the registration process, the business activity must be proven by uploading the relevant documents. After verification, you will immediately receive an e-mail which directs you to your digital card, which authorizes you to make purchases in a METRO wholesale store. You will receive the physical plastic card by mail.

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Become a customer at a METRO wholesale store

Business owners, self-employed persons and associations can also become customers at a METRO store of their choice. To do so, you must bring your proof of business activity and will immediately receive a customer card after your documents have been successfully validated. You are a new METRO customer and can shop now at the store.
METRO’s benefits

Why should I become a METRO customer?

As a METRO customer, you enjoy a wide range of benefits:

METRO Wholesale Store

• Wide range of quality food and non-food products in our METRO Markets.

• High-quality private labels

• Products available in large quantities, tailored to commercial use

• Sales-dependent prices for high-turnover customers

• Arrange delivery of your purchase

• Individual advice from our experts

METRO Online Shop

• Very wide range of quality non-food products in our online shop

• Extensive assortment extended by 100% verified sellers from the METRO network

• Free delivery within the country

• Save money with volume discounts – buy more, pay less

become a METRO customer
Enjoy our offers, discount promotions and many other benefits. 

Frequently asked questions about becoming a METRO customer

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