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Do you want to give your employees a permanent shopping allowance? Or do you want to issue a one-time permission to shop in a wholesale store? Here you find all information you need to grant a METRO shopping permission – online or offline, just as you prefer it!

types of authorization

There are three ways to grant a METRO shopping permission.

Permanent Shopping Authorization

Permanent allowance for employees processed by the customer.

Temporary Shopping Authorization

Temporary authorization to shop on behalf of the customer.

Pickup Authorization

Authorization to pickup goods on behalf of the customer.

Get a card for an employee

Permanent shopping authorization for your employees

You can issue a permanent shopping permission either digitally or via a printed document.


Log into MyMETRO and click in the menu on “Employees and Authorizations” to add an employee to your business. The employee will receive an e-mail that will provide guidance on how to get a digital customer card in the METRO app. It’s super easy and very fast.

PDF Download

Just download the PDF and show the needed documents to our colleagues at the entrance desk in your store.
Short-term allowance

Temporary Shopping Authorization

In exceptional cases, it is possible to entrust a third person, who does not have to belong to your company, with your purchase. For this we need the following documents from you: your customer card and the printed one-time purchasing authorization signed by you, presented when your trustee make a purchase, and a proof of identity of the authorized trustee (driving license or identity card).


The temporary shopping allowance is accessible via the METRO app. You need to be logged in and use the function “Temporary shopping allowance”. Just enter the name and an e-mail address to send the permission. The trusted person will get an e.mail message with an authorization code. The trustee needs to install the app and enter the code in the app for a n-time (once or more) permission to shop/for x days.
Download METRO App

PDF Download

Just download the PDF, sign it and show it to our colleagues at the entrance desk in your store. Don’t forget to bring the customer card of the business owner.
Download temporary authorization
Collect on your behalf
Pickup Authorization
If you want a trusted person to pick up your goods, here is the link to the document. The document must be signed by the business owner.
Download pickup authorization

Frequently asked questions about METRO shopping authorization