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MyMETRO Online Account

MyMETRO is your digital customer profile. You can manage your business, view invoices, allow employees to shop by adding cards, or change your data. 

Digital Access

One Account for all purposes

MM Version: MyMETRO is your central point for all your purchases. No matter if you have shopped as a private person in the Online Shop  or as a professional customer in a wholesale store – here you find all you need. Without MM Version: MyMETRO is your central point for all your purchases. Here you find all you need to access your invoices online.

Manage business and private purchases

You will find in your MyMETRO customer account both a personal profile and, your company profile. This way you can manage your purchases and invoices separately. Just switch between your profiles with one click!

You have multiple companies?

Registering and managing multiple companies is also easily in your customer account. Each of the company profiles can be selected separately under your customer account - simply switch to your desired profile to view past purchases, place new orders or manage your team.
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Further features MyMETRO

Shopping history & digital invoices

Access all your METRO invoices in your MyMETRO customer account - 24/7, on my.metro.tld, or in the APP.
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Manage purchasing authorization

Invite your employees to make purchases for your company. Decide under which company profile you want to add your team member. Thanks to the rights management, you always keep complete control!

Add existing cards

If you already have one or more METRO Cards, you can easily add them to your customer account.

Simply upload a photo of your METRO Card. After saving your METRO Card, you will have direct access to all contents.
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Manage your preferences

In your customer account you can manage yourself which newsletter you would like to receive to which e-mail address or how we can best reach you by phone to inform you about offers, discounts and promotions.
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